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Foundation Plantdeck™ – a pocket-sized plant reference tool

The world has always been divided down the middle – those who know about plants and those who don’t. The daily challenge for plant professionals or horticultural media is to communicate a plant story or theme succinctly to the other half.

In a first for the horticultural and nursery industries, Horticolour Pty Ltd has come up with the Foundation Plantdeck™. It is a tool designed to stimulate and inspire the way a planting theme or story is developed and communicated.

The unique construction of the inaugural Horticolour™ Foundation Plantdeck™ allows for colour matching between plant and landscape elements and easy cross referencing.

The 270 plants within are popular with designers, garden consultants, landscape architects and retailers. Arranged in blocks of colour, each category unfolds to reveal bold images and brief cultural notes.

Sized to fit in your back pocket, your glove box, brief case or handbag this is an innovative visual tool that will surely become an essential tool of the trade.